After the latest upgrade applied search results showing right aligned


Any ideas what could be the leading cause of this?
version 2.0.0.beta6

(Régis Hanol) #2

Do you have any custom CSS?

Have you tried the Safe Mode?


Yes, I do have customs CSS however, I removed all the codes saved the css blank and tried the search again and problem still there. Looking into the safe mode now.


Safe mode did the trick must be one of the two components outside of the CSS.
Now have to find which one doing this.

Thank you.


Ok update on the above issue as problem still persists.
Now I have no custom CSS or plugin installed. Disabling “Disable unofficial plugins” in safe mode is fixing the problem but problem comes back on after I exit the safe mode. We’ve used docker based installation. There’s only one unofficial plugin (docker_manager) that came by default with the installation.
What should I do now to fix it?
Is v2.0.0.beta6 +61 a stable version?
Should i revert the discourse back to its previous version?