After upgrade fail site /admin and forum not accesible

( nikos) #1

I have about 100+ users I do not want to loose.

I just loggen into my unix shell and run this per @codinghorror

./launcher rebuild app

What do I need to do to restore the old database amd forum?

Take it easy on me, not a seasoned linux user

thank you

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #2

You did that in /var/discourse?

Then, did you do it again, per the upgrade notes here

If there are still problems… post all the logged output into a Gist, and post the gist URL here?

(cpradio) #3

Also if you are using Cloudflare, disable JavaScript minification. (seems this is becoming a common problem that takes a while to diagnose)

( nikos) #4

thank you for your help. I got it to work again.

I have still a few issues but not related to this thread title. Will try search until I give up and make a thread. Its a mail server issue and 4000 emails that I do not want the system to send out once the mail server gets fixed