Akismet 404 error

I just installed Akismet, tested it and the spam post shows up /review but when I try to go to /admin/plugins/akismet I get a 404. Any thoughts?

Hi David!

That page is not available since it was replaced for the /review page. Are you still seeing the Akismet link in the hamburger menu?

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I was wondering if it was related to that, yes I did see it in the hamburger with a notification, but now that I ignored it in /review it is gone

Hmmm you shouldn’t see it in the menu since it’s no longer available. Can you please hard-reload (Ctrl + R) and check if the Akismet link is gone?

I ran the test again, this time no Akismet in the hamburger, weird!

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I think that this happens the first time you set up the plugin and it’s because the decision of showing/hiding the link takes place in the browser.

I’ll investigate tomorrow morning and come back here to let you know what I found :slight_smile:


Good finding @davidkingham!

Fixed here:

The decision of showing/hiding the Akismet link is being made based on the reviewable_api_enabled flag, which was only being set if the plugin was enabled (That’s why this came up during set up).


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