All users profile pictures disappeared after data restore

I created a new instance and restored the backup from old instance of Discourse to the new one (Discourse version is same and has the same set of plugins).

But all users profile pictures went empty. Users who had attached their pic with gravatar, have their setting changed to ‘Custom Picture’ (which is empty). And users who had a customized picture, too have lost that profile picture.

Pertinent to mention that I’ve changed the domain name and have restored the backup on a new domain name (completely new domain name: from to The restored backup had ‘uploads’ included.

Edit: On the new site, I’ve not yet implemented the Google/FB sign in buttons yet, in case that has anything to do with gravatar profile pics.

Were you using a CDN? Was your backup configured to contain uploads?

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You may have to perform a url replace.
Missing pictures is usually a sign that in your database it’s still pointing to the old domain.


Follow the last steps properly.

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No CDN is being used. Direct GCP instance.
Uploads were included in the backup.

Is that under admin settings somewhere?

I have linked the relevant howto above, please use that.

That didn’t solve the problem. It asked me to perform below given steps, which I did:

  1. Lower your TTL (not needed as both domain names are resolving ok).
  2. Replace your old domain name with the new one in Admin Settings (no where could I found the old domain name under settings).
  3. Use new domain name in app.yml and rebuild. (That was already new DN in the app.yml. Otherwise how would I get the new domain up and running and backup of old site restored on it).
  4. Point the new DN to correct IP/droplet instance. (not needed since both domain names and sites are working ok)
  5. Social Logins correction: (In orig site google, FB, Twitter all 3 were configured, but in new domain, only Google has been configured afresh, FB and Twitter has been turned off).
  6. discourse remap and rake posts:rebake : Done successfully.

But profile pics still missing.

Edit: I’ve noted that pictures uploaded in the posts are not showing. Even though uploads WERE included in the backup (which was around 1.2GB).

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So remap is not working for You?

No. It did not.

Filler text.

This is really strange given that I just migrated one of my client last week and everything worked fine. I’d be interested in troubleshooting this, do You mind sharing the new domain?

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I’m sending you personally.