Allow all html tags while posting?



I understand allowing all html tags can be a security risk. But I’m okay with it. I will be moderating each posts and its a small group. I wanted to include few tags like script and iframe etc. I have some experience with docker+javascript+python - With almost no clue about Ruby or Ember templates, writing plugins is beyond my skills at the moment.

Is there a way, where I can disable the removal of html tags by discourse - May be commenting out some section in the code within docker? something like that ? thanks.

(Simon Cossar) #2

I think you will need to use a plugin to do what you want. You can whitelist specific iframes with a very simple plugin. Here is an example:

You can enable specific tags and classes in a similar way:

I think you will have a problem allowing users to use script tags. If your goal is to actually run javascript on the site you could try having your users enter their scripts in codepen and then add the links to their Discourse posts.


thanks the response, will try to figure out a way with above links :smile: