Allow all users to say "I forgot my password" after initial import to new Discourse site

(Ben M) #1

I’ve just completed a (somewhat lengthy) migration of a phpbb3 site to Discourse. The migration brought across lots of users, some of whom won’t be active anymore. When the site went live nobody had a password, but they did have a username (their old username from the phpbb3 site). For this reason I suggested that everyone should go and click the “I forgot my password” link on the Discourse Log In dialog but this has quickly lead to most users seeing this

Am I think there is a rate limit applied to the ‘forgot password’ links? Does this apply across all users? If so and there’s no way for me to adjust that limit what other options do I have to get all my users onto my site quickly? Right now they’re not getting a very good first impression.

(Sam Saffron) #2

No this limit is per ip address and is correct imo:

I guess you have a rare situation where a big bunch of users share the same ip and are resetting passwords.

(Dean Taylor) #3

It happens:

The 12-hour ban hit large numbers of people in the country because all web traffic in Qatar is routed through a single net address.

I’ve seen the issue in the real world with Universities with several thousand users hitting a video streaming system for a live event from just a ~4-5 of IP’s.