Allow moderators/developers to distinguish their posts

(badp) #1

One rather nice feature of some forum software such as Blizzard’s is that posts by Blizzard employees are distinguished graphically and navigating between those is quite easier.

This allows people to skip from, say, a feature request such as this one straight to your authoritative response on the topic.

The UI affordance for this is kind of linking is already available by exploiting the “reply as new topic” sidebar, although you may not want to start turning into a kitchen sink just yet.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Interesting, @codinghorror wanted me to get the moderator glow in for launch, it is just something that was too late to get done.

(Robin Ward) #3

Personally I’d rather see it near our avatar than in the left gutter. But we definitely need to do this.

(badp) #4

This is more about distinguishing posts, rather than users. Not everything a moderator/owner says needs saying with the moderator/owner hat on.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

(Jeff Atwood) #6

(Jeff Atwood) #7

What, @bp_ you mean like that?

We still need a moderator highlight on moderator names or avatars. This is implemented.

(Alex R) #8

Are those posts canned replies, or are they free-form?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Moderator posts in a topic (the blue background) can be edited after they are submitted, and sometimes I do that.

We also plan the ability to arbitrarily insert mod messages that take no particular action, but are informational. Not there yet, but soon.

(Aja Bogdanoff) #10

Would anyone else find it helpful to be able to choose to post these mod messages as coming from “the management”, rather than a particular person? I find it useful to interact with the community both as myself and as The Management, and end up doing a lot of logging out/logging in to achieve this.

(Chris Hanel) #11

Wouldn’t the “impersonate as” feature handle this functionality pretty effortlessly? Set up a “Management” account, and impersonate yourself as that account when you wish to make a post under its name?

(Aja Bogdanoff) #12

Yes! Perfect, thanks.

Actually, hang on… I don’t think you can impersonate an Admin account, can you?

(Dan Neumann) #13

@ajabogdanoff no, you can’t impersonate other admins.

(Chris Hanel) #14

There’s nothing about the situation that requires the Management to actually be an Admin account, though, if the only purpose is to be able to post as that identity.

(revan) #15

(Jeff Atwood) #16

As you can see, arbitrary user titles are now in place. Is this sufficient to meet your request, or do there need to be blue glows and stuff, too? :wink:

(badp) #19

Marquee or bust. <!------------------>

(Luke Larris) #20

Is it the background behind usernames? It could be styled better :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeff Atwood) #21

No, that is not what I am referring to. Look again.

(Sam Saffron) #22

The main group is now included in the CSS:

Eg for @codinghorror above you will see:

<div id="ember2200" class="ember-view topic-post clearfix regular group-discourse">

group-discourse is his main group.

This mean you can style it with what you will.

Is this safe to close?