Allow mods to change post ownership

(Sam Saffron) #3

I still think it is correct for this to be an admin function, changing ownership should be super rare I think it is risky opening it to everyone.

@codinghorror where do you stand on this?

(Dave McClure) #4

If that’s the case, perhaps this feature request should be rephrased to add a site-setting to allow moderators to change post ownership…

(Jeff Atwood) #5

There is an audit trail of the ownership change, which was never my intent, that actually makes it kind of ugly when you want to stage the final output of a topic (view try.discourse edit history to see what I mean by ugly).

It is a fairly rare function but when you need it you really need it. One plus side of the audit trail does mean it is much safer so probably can be enabled for moderators.

What we really need is a way for admins to truly rewrite history so a post appears to be from a specific person. cc: @riking

(David Maxwell) #6

You’re still going to have some sort of audit trail though, right? To totally allow someone to change a posts ownership without saving a record of it SOMEWHERE is a scary proposition…

(Mittineague) #7

I’m having difficulty thinking of why Mods should have the ability.

The only scenario I can think of is some kind of “I forgot my password and I don’t have that email address any more so I created another account. Can you please move my old name to my new one?” which IMHO should definately be Admin turf.

(Michael Downey) #8

We’ve used this a few times in a “moderation” capacity when someone is emailing in to post a new topic, or less frequently a reply (most clients reply from the address to which a message was sent), but are sending email from an address that is not the one in their profile.

So when we get the anonymous post owned by @system with the user’s email address, and it’s obvious who it was from, we changed the ownership, removed the email address from the body of the post, and sent the user a PM to help them understand what went wrong.

That type of workflow seems very moderator-ish to me.

(Tobias Eigen) #9

(Yes please, robots, I’d like to revive this old topic… :robot: )

I was about to post a topic with just this title. In our community, we regularly run into situations where we need moderators to start topics on behalf of our members. I agree with @downey:

In our case, not only is it moderator-ish, but it is usually urgent and can happen any time of the day because of the global nature of our community. This means the site admin (me) has to be available pretty much anytime to make this 10 second fix.

My suggestion would be to make this an admin setting. Allow or do not allow moderators to select a post and change the author of that post.

Here are some common scenarios:

  • We use discourse for wordpress blog discussions. Blog editors, who are also moderators, stage and then publish a blog post authored by a member. They make an error and need to quickly make a fix to the author within the ninja edit window. (this is an easy mistake to make and happens way too often, btw - drives me bananas)
  • We stage facilitated discussions, and a moderator wants to kick off the discussion on behalf of a member as prearranged.
  • A valuable message arrives by email or PM that is intended as a new discussion topic. It is timely and needs to go up ASAP on behalf of the member and we don’t have time to explain to the user who might be across the world and in an Internet-remote area.
  • Our CEO has a busy schedule and regularly asks his PA to post on his behalf. Sometimes his posts are super urgent staff announcements and he writes them at odd hours of the day. She is a moderator but currently logs out and logs in as him to post for him.

(Chris Beach) #10

In our case, our moderators have normal-looking accounts (albeit with admin rights), which they use to join in conversations as an everyday peer of other members.

When they intervene as a moderator, they change the ownership of their post to a separate moderator account which has an avatar with a gold ring around it, and a title of “Moderator.” This helps emphasise their status to new members.

But we don’t want to emphasise everything they say, hence the two-account approach.

In order to make this work, I’ve had to give all the moderators admin accounts, which isn’t ideal as they’re able to see sensitive site settings.

It would be much better if moderators could change ownership of their posts.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #11

I think this use case would be better served by the Use Staff Color feature. No need for separate accounts.

(Chris Beach) #12

We found the staff colour was prominent, but in terms of UX, it’s unclear to users what it implies.

Whereas when I use the following account, it’s clearer what’s going on. Example:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #13

You can add some CSS love to the feature:

3 posts by the same user, middle one is staff post with dirty fast CSS. (I know my CSS talents are amazing :smile:)

This will be everything you want, with a lot more flexibility and accessible by moderators!

I think we can add some some on the default implementation of this feature. Maybe @rewphus on the material one can make it amazing!

(Tobias Eigen) #14

I’m back to requesting this admin setting to allow moderators to change post ownership. A colleague of mine is needing the ability to change the author of posts on a regular basis, basically to post on behalf of another colleague. I’d prefer to not give her full admin privileges just to give her this ability.

Is this change pr-friendly? Anyone interested in implementing it?

When changing post owner, notifications still sent from/to original owner

Reviving this again, because it’s one feature some of our moderation team has dearly missed in the transition from php. Adding a setting admins can enable to allow moderators to perform this function site-wide would be really nice, especially since our admins don’t generally spend time on the forums, leaving that job to the moderators.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Weird this is admin only? I think we should let all staff do this @sam

(Sam Saffron) #17

There are security implications, some posts for example, may not even be visible to moderators. I don’t want to rush any kind of change here

(Jay Pfaffman) #18

Can a moderator impersonate users?

(Nichalas Petranek) #19

i made a test account and granted it moderator rights. went through a couple of different users and an impersonate option was not available. impersonation is an admin-only feature, according to my tests.

(Jay Pfaffman) #20

Oops. Sorry. I guess it’s for the same reason.


I can agree with not wanting to rush a change, but in this case I think making it a setting admins must enable allows them to decide whether their forum would be a safe place to allow this.

(Sam Saffron) #22

I could support a default off setting here. We already have moderators create categories we could have an extra moderators change post ownership.

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