Allow searching of Moderators messages

(TechnoBear) #1

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“Moderators” messages are now separated out from other messages, which is A Good Thing. However, there is no longer any way to search them, which is A Bad Thing. We (or at least I) used search extensively to find previous discussions on problem members/links/sites etc., and losing access to over 2,000 messages in this way is a major issue.

Please could “Moderators” messages (and its associated archive) be made searchable?

(cpradio) #2

Just to provide references to what I’ve tried to this point with zero success

group:moderators in:private – Only searches my private messages, ignores group:moderators
group:moderators – Only searches public group related topics

And I tried the search with the ‘Search messages’ checked to which seems to only add in:private, which only searches your messages, not the groups.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

It would be nice to be able to scope these searches a bit better @sam

(Daquantics) #4

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Just to note, if I go to the moderators inbox (or the inbox for any other group) and check the box, I get no results because the pre-populated search is string private_messages:Daquantics.

It works as expected if I type group:moderators in:private string.

We’re on v1.7.0.beta1, so apologies if this if already fixed (or if I missed something here)…