Allow Tab in app.yml for Plugin Installation


(Nate D.) #1

Hey all,

I just wanted to install my first plugin and used some Tab to insert the github url. I got an error after the ./launcher rebuild app command. I had to use   and no Tab. Is that intended? If so you should mention this in the guide on how to install plugins. Or I am the only one who uses Tab?

(Mittineague) #2

yml files are used by Discourse.

Think of yml as a “language” and that the use of spaces for indentation is the correct “syntax”.

So what you are asking for is something like
"Please make Discourse work with files that aren’t coded properly"

IMHO it could possibly be done, but why should it? It is something a dev should know or be able to figure out by linting the file.

Does not the guide mention that the yml files should be validated?

(Nate D.) #3

No, thats what I am saying, I didn’t know about the syntax. At least a mention in the guide would be great. I mean I know it now, but I am pretty sure there will be others that make the same mistake.

(Mittineague) #4

Ah, you missed these reading these then?

(Nate D.) #5

Okay if you consider the whole thread the guide, then I missed it. But I normally dont read all answers to a guide. But okay, then its on me.

(Mittineague) #6

I guess for some forums (eg. a lot of Fluffy “good guide”, “Thanks” etc.) reading every reply could be a chore.

And maybe if the OP edited the post or it was a Wiki post it would make the OP better.