Allow users to choose any interface language, supported or not

Now that we have Discourse-Translator++ I’d like to see more languages (all languages supported by the Microsoft translation service, really) available to choose from in the user setting for interface language. If the language they choose isn’t supported yet, default interface language for the user to the site default. Is this possible?

If via SSO we populate the locale to one that is not in discourse already, would that be possible for the purposes of the inline translation and default interface to english, or would it break something?

Wouldn’t it be bad UX if one of your user choose a locale not supported (ie. not yet translated) and is shown an UI with text in the default locale?

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What exactly would this accomplish?

You’d still have to manually click the button to translate the post content, and the UI would still be in English.

Yeah, I can see this argument and agree with it. We could explain it on the form, that the language chosen here will be used for inline translation and (if available) for the interface. We can provide a thread on discourse for contributing language translations.

Many of our members can get by using English for getting around the Internet, and indeed the rest of our website is in English anyway. But they will copy-paste text to google translate when it comes to comprehension of paragraphs of text.

Inline translation bypasses all that - as long as they are able to set their language.

I am just starting a thread on my discourse about this issue, and am inquiring what languages people want to support. First on the list is Burmese, which I just realized isn’t even supported by Microsoft translate:

It feels to me like you are talking about a different “box” here.

Interface language relates to a translation we have.

What you seem to be angling at is having an extra dropdown for your users that says “Default translation language”, maybe translate++ should add that, don’t know.



Coming back to this topic after a few years with just the same question and realizing I never saw or answered Sam’s idea.

@tgxworld is this a feature you’d be willing to add to your discourse translation plugin? I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be helpful to allow users to choose any of the languages provided for translation by Microsoft or whatever translation engine is used on the site, rather than being limited to just the languages that have been translated for use for the discourse interface.

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