Allow welcome pinned topic to be unpinned for regular users

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #1

Once user becomes regular (from basis), meta topic pinned at the top isn’t really important to him. He knows what site is about, functioning and other details. Why not allow him to unpin it. It takes unnecessarily large (6 sentences) premium space at the top.

Edit: It may also make more sense for the regular people on devices with smaller display like phone / mini pad etc…

Disabling automatic topic unpinning?
(Konrad Borowski) #2

Uhm, unless you missed it somehow, every pinned topic has “Unpin” link, even as a regular user. When you press, the meta topic doesn’t appear anymore at the top.

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #3

Oops, my mistake. Got it now. I was looking for a option to unpin it on latest page only, never looked inside the page.

Still, it will be better, if it goes off automatically after you become a regular user.

(Paolo G. Giarrusso) #4

I thought that was a bug - does it allow me to unpin the topic just for me? Maybe my fault for missing it, but there’s a single word about it in the whole description, a single occurrence of “your”.

Could the description be improved?

The concept of unpinning “just for me” was so alien to me I didn’t believe it, and I thought it was a bug.

(Nicholas Perry) #5

The whole idea of pinned topics is confusing to me. It reminds me of other forum’s "stickied’ topics, which I believe can’t be removed.

The people i’ve been introducing discourse to also don’t seem to realize that you can un-pin things and I don’t really have a good framework in my head for explaining the whole concept to them. I tend to go with “its like a sticky, only you can control it yourself”.

But that seems wrong since I can’t seem to be able to pin my own pages to the top (or have missed where that option is hidden).

I’ve been leaning toward just re-skinning the thing to be “Got it” or something like that… Unpinning a topic, in this situation, seems more like an acknowledgement action and as such is using the wrong interface paradigm.

(Sam Saffron) #6

That is an interesting request. I already struggle though with “bookmarks” vs “favorites” throwing yet another option into the mix scares me.

(Nicholas Perry) #7

Its not really a request. More an observation that having that pin feature makes me think that it applies to other post. At least from an enduser’s perspective.

(Paolo G. Giarrusso) #8

I assumed it was the same, I’ve seen the name elsewhere.

I had a similar idea, but not as developed. “Got it” or “Mark it as read” would make sense to me.

As a followup, should the topic be pinned back if it’s updated? Should a diff appear (probably not)? Should the interface for creators of pinned topics be different, so that updates can be marked as major (pin it back for users) or minor?

(Nicholas Perry) #9

Maybe instead of using :pushpin:, we can use the :paperclip: icon? I think its called “icon-paper-clip” in the Font Awesome collection.

This will avoid that ambiguity with the pin paradigm, but still make it differentiated from the “stickies” forum posts concept.

(Nicholas Perry) #10

DeviantArt had a similar problem when you updated a piece of art.

For a while it was written with something to the effect of “This is a minor edit, do no notify,”… and it was left unchecked so the default was to update everyone on your change. Now they have “Notify your devaintWatchers”, and is unchecked by default.

Perhaps the answer would be a drop down shown next to the “save edit” button.

You are editing a pinned post: [this is a major edit: re-pin for users who have unpinned] | [this is a minor edit: leave unpinned for users who have chosen to unpin. (default)]

(wording would need to be simplified)

(Jeff Atwood) #11

To be clear, this is the function you are looking for:

It’s at the bottom of every pinned topic, along with all the other topic-level action buttons.

You can also unpin by clicking the actual pin icon on the topic list.

  • When a topic is unpinned, the pin rotates at 45 degrees.
  • When a topic is pinned, the pin is straight up and down.

Any suggestions for better copy are welcome.

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #12

Frankly, I got this feature only when told that the it existed. And I am using the site for a month. So I think it is not very user friendly. My two cents of advise would be :

  1. Make it automatically go away after user becomes regular.
  2. Make it toggle ( Pin / Un-Pin) in latest page and topic page at top. (Just like a Favorited star toggle)
  3. Drop it. :wink:

(Bill Ayakatubby) #13

While I don’t agree with you, I can try to help you out on your quest. :wink: I would augment your #1 as

  1. Make it automatically go away after user becomes regular and they have read the entire pinned topic.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #14

I definitely disagree with ‘Drop it’. I can certainly see the use of the admin (or a category admin) being able to update the category description topic and force it to appear for all users again, by pinning it. Users would then see the update and clear the pin. I like the feature, but can see how it’s not immediately obvious to some users how it works.

(Nicholas Perry) #15

Thats where it is!

Every time I see a pin, I think “I have to click that pin to un pin it”. This doesn’t seem to be the case for the lock and pin on the main page. it doesn’t occur to me that this action would be 1) a button 2) inside the page on the end

I keep thinking that I need to click on the pin on the main thread listing page and then get frustrated. It doesn’t help that the ‘star’ favorite icon IS clickable…

Could those be associated with the first post in a thread using the same icon motif as the main page?

I also keep trying to click on the pin next to the title:

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Well, it is true that you can favorite by clicking the star at the top of the topic, or clicking the explicit favorite button at the bottom of the topic. So there is some precedent.

(Nicholas Perry) #17

IMHO, the button for favorit’ing the post is redundant. :laughing:

(Dave McClure) #18

Me too… Sorry to bump this topic, but only when I found it did I figure out (or remember?) how to unpin a topic. Been a while…

(probus) #19

I suggested this this on another topic as well a while ago::

Pinned topics shoud be un-pinnable using the pin
(probus) #20

Bumping this thread. I just spent a good while trying to find the right button to press to clear a pin. If I hadn’t known that I can unpin it, I’m 100% sure I would have given up at some point. The button is just buried down there. Clicking the thumb tac symbol would be so much more discoverable. Is there any way to get stats on how many users have unpinned a topic?