Allowing everyone to register, will it filter robots by default?

(Tenzan) #1

Allowing everyone to register, will it filter robots?

If not, what’s the best way to allow everyone to register?

(Kane York) #2

You don’t have much to fear from automated spam yet anyways, the only spam we’ve seen so far is either human spammers signing up or an incorrect SSO setup bypassing email verification.

(Tenzan) #3

From my experience with SimpleMachines forum, I noticed a bunch of registrations almost everyday, and it was sort of evident that there’re spammers… Though, they didn’t have an ability to post anything, as they had to be approved by me.

(Kane York) #4

Well, I personally am pretty well satisfied with spam protections in Discourse :slight_smile:

User profiles are disallowed to search engines, but spammers try to do profile spam anyways. Ain’t gonna do shit.

Anyone who hasn’t spent any time on the forum but has a filled-out profile is placed in the “suspect users” list, from where you can delete them quickly.

If a user flags a post for spam, you have a three-click delete user. (follow signs for “Delete”, “Delete Spammer”)

(Tenzan) #5

That is cool.

I will also have to spend some time what sort of sign-up is recommended.

My from understanding they ways are:

  1. Regular signup with email
  2. Signup via Github, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook
  3. Mix of #1 & #2 above
  4. SSO

(Kane York) #6

Personally, I much prefer the "social login"s, because it’s one less password to remember, but you should leave un/pw enabled for the people that want it. So, #3. :slight_smile:

(山) #7

Discourse is nowhere like SMF when it comes to spam protection (or rather, SMF is as easy to spam as it is for me to know 2+2 without grabbing a calculator). I used the Stop Forum Spam mod and at one point it caught 5,000+ spam accounts in the span of a few weeks.

I just checked my old community’s stats for that mod: 441704 Spammers blocked up until today.

Those were accumulated over the span of at least one year or less. And they were probably all automated (bots).

Discourse takes that number and obliterates it to maybe one Human spammer in a blue moon (as I have seen here on Meta).