Allowing members to invite in a 'must approve users' forum

(Jonathan Sick) #1

Continuing the discussion from Permission to invite users on private site:

I just ran into this issue on my site. I have specific criteria for who can join the forum (professional astronomers) so I want Moderators to be able to vet each new user. At the same time, I want users to be able to invite colleagues via the Invite button UI (who the mods would then vet as if they came in through the Sign Up button).

For reference, here are my relevant settings:

invite only = off
must approve users = on
enable local logins = on
allow new registrations = on
enable github logins = on
invites per page = 40
default invitee trust level = 1
max invites per day = 5

If turn off `must approve users’ then astronomers would be able to invite other astronomers (great), but opens the risk that non-astronomers would create accounts via the Sign Up button (not great).

So I guess this is more of a request to change the Invite workflow for regular members in ‘must approve users’ forums than a bug.

(Kane York) #2

What if the invite had to be approved before it could be sent? That would neatly solve the problem.

(Jonathan Sick) #3

That workflow would be totally fine! It’d match the workflow of Staff invitations being used in the forum already.

If someone can get that on the development to-do list, that would be so awesome. Thanks!

(Alex Armstrong) #4

Did this ever materialize? Is it possible to combine invites & approvals?

(Dave Higgins) #5

So does allowing invites essentially break “must approve”?
(or at least change the meaning of “must approve” to mean non-mods can implicitly approve)

(Sam) #6

No, I’m fairly sure invited users still have to be approved by a staff member after they’re invited.

Changing this is in some way is what @jsick was asking for.

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