Allowing users to control video play speed

(Vikas Kedia) #1

We use Discourse ( :+1: ) as a internal training management system. Each concept has a topic of its own.

The video embed feature works really well with one caveat.

Users don’t like watching 5 minute videos at the default speed and want to speed it up 1.25x or 1.5x

Is there a way to give users this control?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

You can embed videos from a service that supports speed controls!

(Vikas Kedia) #3

Not possible. These are internal training videos. Need to keep them private. ( Here is some context: Would the community like me to open source the following chrome extension? )

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

Internal training videos can still be hosted on

  1. Youtube as Unlisted (Probably the better choice)
  2. Or on AWS using this tutorial On-Demand Video Streaming Using CloudFront and JW Player - Amazon CloudFront

Both have speed controls.

Discourse doesn’t comes with advanced video support so it is fairly complicated. A plugin may be able to do it but none such exists yet that I know of.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Video playback is a function of the operating system, not the web browser — or Discourse.

(Vikas Kedia) #6

With due respect, I disagree.

The traditional OS is just the h/w abstraction layer. Browser is the new OS. Features that the new OS does not provide for the time being should be provided by apps running on top of the new OS like discourse.

But then again, I did not create the wonderful piece of technology i.e. Discourse !!

(David Taylor) #7

This could be accomplished by using a theme component to add playback rate buttons to any videos in posts. Those buttons would then modify the playbackRate parameter of the HTML5 video player. (Note this isn’t supported by all browsers)

If this is only for a small number of users, you could ask them to install a browser extension which accomplished the same thing (there are many).

(Vikas Kedia) #8

This seems like a great idea. Can you please elaborate or give an example or point me to a tutorial :+1:

This is not an option. As the browser has extension policy controlled centrally which decides what extensions are always present. New extensions are not allowed.

(Brendan Schlagel) #9

This seems like your best bet:

Many services that provide this functionality out of the box. If YouTube unlisted isn’t secure enough, I’d suggest perhaps Vimeo or Wistia. Easier than rolling your own solution, though I’m sure something like the S3 + JW Player solution mentioned above could work pretty well too.

(David Taylor) #10

Theme information can be found here: How to develop custom themes

And then the playbackRate stuff is documented in many places online.

It will take a reasonable knowledge of JavaScript and Discourse to create this though, so you would probably be better off using an external service if you can.

Alternatively, someone might be able to do it if you have a budget and post in the #marketplace.