Altering default buttons in topic

We’d like to make the Solved button visible by default in a thread. Is this a setting that can be altered in the theme?

I figure this process is the same for any other buttons that are hidden by the ..., so hence the more generic title :slight_smile:

This is a bit confusing to me, it is already visible if you are the OP, and the idea here is if you are staff you should work a tiny bit harder to get to the button cause you are kind of stepping in.

Solved is kind of special due to its special behavior but other more standard buttons can be controlled with post menu hidden items

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The issue we are having is getting users to mark as solved.

If we can make them more aware by marking it for them, it helps increase awareness that it exists and puts that seed in their mind for next time.

I follow, but my point is that the OP will always see the button.

Notice how you can see it on this very post.

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Nope, other than posting via the web for the OP this has been all email.
We do have users that only do email.

How can you alter “default buttons” in … email??

Yeh, you can’t. Hence my point about why want to be able to allow mods to mark things as solved in an easier manner when they are on the site, even if the user isn’t.

I follow, we can look at a theme component that forces the button visible for staff, should not be too hard to add, but I am not sure we need a site setting here @xrav3nz, since you are hacking on components at the moment can you knock it up?


Hey Mark, could you try out the following theme component?