Alternative logos per theme

Yes, you can see it now activated.

I’m afraid mine is currently private, invite-only. However, we’ve figured something out. When it’s not showing up properly, the url it’s trying to use is http, not https. Despite the paths in the component settings being https, and the forum being configured https-only. This explains why opening the image in a separate tab works, because it gets redirected to https. But on-page, you get a mixed-content problem.

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Hi @Johani any news regarding this? Thanks

Could you maybe add an option to display the site title next to the logo as well?

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Im still having issues while logos are displaying wrong

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Just following up on this, as it’s still happening even after the latest forum upgrade (2.5.0-beta1), anyone got any ideas?

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Do you mean like this?

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yeah indeed, I currently use an extra plugin just to do that.

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This is not working… @Johani

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This component is installed here on Meta and seems to work without issue. You can try switching between the light / dark themes in the hamburger menu.

I also tried it both locally and on Theme Creator and worked there as well.

So, can you be more specific about what the issue you’re facing is?

Do you see any errors in the browser console when it happens?


Hi @Johani

Here my setting and site

Normal mode (Site is trying to use the dark mode logo)


dark mode (fine)

Captura de Pantalla 2020-03-15 a la(s) 07.17.48|688x500



Thanks for the details @zuker :+1:

I think the issue here is that you’re adding the component to both the light and dark themes.

You only need to add this this component to your alternative theme.

For example:

If the default theme on your site is dark:

  1. you upload the white logos in the site settings because these are the default ones for the site
  2. you add the dark logos to the theme settings because these are the alternative ones
  3. you add this component to the light theme

You should not add the component to both themes.

Does that make sense?


Sorry about the confuse. THanks!


I know that this is kind of a random question. But given that the Light/Dark Logo Switch is integrated in 2.6.0.beta2 (although not the exact same use case). Would it make sense for this Theme Component to be able to have more than a single alternative logo?

Meaning: Let’s say I have three themes: Blue, Black, White. With this I can have my default logo on White, the alternative on Black but it doesn’t quite work with the Blue Theme, so I would need a custom version of the logo for that.

Given that, two questions:

  • Is that possible with the current state of the plugin? (Can’t seem to be able to, but asking just to be sure).

  • The “Theme Component” logic would allow such a flow? Or it would just be a case of “cloning” the component as many times as we need logos?


As you note, this is possible with the current state of the theme component IF you use multiple copies, i.e. component 1 overrides logos for the black theme, component 2 for the blue theme.

That said, with the support for dark mode in core, this component is going to be slowly deprecated. Core now supports switching logos in two scenarios, when the user’s device is in dark mode and when the selected theme is dark. This component, OTOH, only supports the latter (when the theme is dark).


Thanks for the insight, but this raises two doubts for me:

  • Is having X copies of the same component detrimental in any way?

  • I understand that Core supporting Light/Dark partially touches this use case, but for installations with multiple templates or not only “Day/Night” themes wouldn’t this still be very useful?

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It’s detrimental only in the sense that it adds complexity to the theme component management. For example, there might be issues if you enable the same theme component twice on the same theme. But if used entirely separately, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Yes, this is is still useful for the use case of alternate logos on multiple themes. (Core does cover the dark/light stuff, but this component is good if you have 3-4 themes and want different logos for each).


Is it worth renaming the component then to something like theme-specific logos, or something to that effect?


I have updated the topic title and OP, the repository name is unchanged discourse-alt-logo still works well.


Adding to what @pmusaraj already mentioned, this component will be deprecated in the next 4-6 months because the purpose it serves is now a feature in core.

If you’re on the latest, you can have different logos for your dark / light themes without using this component. Using multiple copies of this component to add different logos to different themes (more than 2) was never the intention nor was it ever a supported setup.

So, while you can install it multiple times and use different settings, I would advise against that. Once this component is officially deprecated 4-6 months from now, it won’t receive any further updates.