Always Can Edit First Post

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find the option in the admin panel. I can see a post edit time limit. I just want to allow a user to be able to edit the first post in a topic forever. The post is unlocked and it’s only been a day, but the user can’t edit their own post.

Please feel free to close this topic after answering. Thanks!

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Did you change the site setting time limits on edit grace period, and how long users can edit their own posts?

I did, but there’s a limit to those grace periods. I just want anyone to be able to edit the first post forever. Only the first post, not others. I mean I ended up just allowing them to edit their own post, but a long-term solution would be to allow anyone to edit their first post, even years later. If this can be set by trust level, it can be nice I think.

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Press admin wrench on the first post, select “make wiki” is your other option.


Oh I see, so wikis are always editable. Good to know. I guess that solves the issue then. Thanks!

Update: Making it a wiki post allows any user to edit it. I only want the owner of the first post to be able to edit it forever and only the first post.