Am confused regarding pageviews and user visits

I’m confused about this report for a long time, but just didn’t take time to raise it here.
See in the top side area of the report, where it is showing (I hovered the mouse on the required area) that yesterday, on 4 Nov, 2021, my website was visited by 12 logged in users and 81 anonymous users, totaling 93 users. ok.

Now come to the down area. Here the user visits for yesterday are being shown just ‘2’. Merely 2 users. Which one is correct? What to make of it?

This didn’t happen any one day. It happens whatever sample I take. Whenever I’ll view, the top area will show approx 100 visitors to my side, but the down area will show just around 5 or 10 user visits.

The bar chart at the top is pageviews; a single user may have many of these. The activity metrics below are how many unique users have visited (logged in).

So based on that it looks like 2 logged in users visited and they viewed 12 pages in total.


Is there a way to see daily unique visitors?

For “daily” unique users you will need to write a Data Explorer query like:

-- date :start_date
-- date :end_date

    date_trunc('day', user_visits.visited_at)::DATE AS date_user_visits,
    COUNT(distinct user_visits.user_id) AS qtt_user_visits
FROM user_visits
WHERE user_visits.visited_at::DATE >= :start_date::DATE 
    AND user_visits.visited_at <= :end_date::DATE

Does that include all visitors (registered and non registered?


No, as that only count users.

If you need to account for anonymous you can try to use the the topic_views table.

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Oh! So, I understand that the ‘below given’ metrics doesn’t count ‘anonymous’ users? And only 2 (logged in) users made 12 page views, and anonymous users made some 81 page views. Did I get it right now?