Am I missing anything?

Hi all, for the last 4 days I’ve been wrestling with the email for my Discourse instance. Ive installed it twice but both times the email is broken (can’t send test emails or invites). I use Mailgun as my email provider. Ive tried port 2525 and 587.

Attached are the email configurations for my current discourse instance and Mailgun. The default Discourse reply email is The domain I own on Godaddy is Is there anything that seems incorrect?


Have you already check this guide?


There are 2 immediate problems here!

SMTP address should be instead of the IP address

Your notification email.should be instead of

On digitalocean use port 2525 for the best possible chance of success.

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I had it originally set to both those, but it still didn’t work. Will reset them and try again.

Just rebuild with whatever changes I’ve suggested and it should hopefully work for you.

Still didn’t work lol. Thinking about just scrapping the build and starting from a new DO droplet.

It’s almost certainly a mailgun problem, so a new droplet likely won’t help. Do use port 2525.

You need to make sure that the mailgun domain you configure matches what your discourse hostname is.

is it a one-click install?

Ok so I destroyed my droplet. Made a new one and gave it the same name as my domain. Set up a new Discourse instance and now email works! Idk what the issue was but Im glad it seems to be resolved. Only thing Im waiting on is for my domain to propagate since it was tied to the old droplet’s IP. Thanks everyone