has an ENORMOUS favicon which crashes Chrome


Oneboxing urls from raises an error from mobile (at least, from android) and the page, after loading and been showed, shows an error and recommends to delete cache. It works OK in desktop devices.


I set up an exception for this domain in the admin preferences temporaly. Could you please revise the issue.

Thanks in advance

It looks like your example is working here, are you sure this is a repro?

Hi, Sam

The page only fails:

  • In mobile phones with Android.
  • If there is a link to in the last post of the topic.

Its not an error of my device. Other users complained of the same error.

This is the screen with the error when I load the fist post of the current topic (where I explained the issue):


So you can repro that problem here on this site on your mobile Android phone? Yes? Or no?

Wow opening this topic in my phone indeed crashes the whole browser :scream:

From a quick look it appears that their favicon is a 826kB 11760x11760 PNG that makes Chrome sad. They need to fix this! Did you contact @Cazadividendos ?

Not really a Discourse bug as clicking on the link above to open the PNG directly also crashes Chrome completely. The same image loads fine on Android Firefox (after a while).


looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool wtf?!

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For added lolz the file is aptly named favicon_196x196.png :thinking:


Yes, but I think is not an issue of my android mobile phone because other users of my forum have the same issue. I disabled the oneboxing of to avoid the problem.


Well, as illustrated above, the problem is with that site, not Discourse.


I think that Discourse, in the case it can not onebox a site, should show the link and not raise an exception that crashes the browser.

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Surely the browser is at fault here? Why should Discourse cover for the lack of a graceful outcome in the browser?