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Hi all,

as a discourse newbie (fresh first install & use), I d’like to understand how to make notifications work on my android phone.
I have already enabled notifications in my Discourse Preferences parameters and authorized Discourse notifications in my browser (Chrome) parameters.
Unfortunately, when a new message is posted, I don’t receive any notification from my discourse forum, but the counter is ok
Facebook notifications work fine

Maybe i 've missed some steps : installl / setup / plugin ?
Installed version : v1.6.0.beta7 +128

What about this topic : GitHub - alepolidori/chrome-discourse-notifications: Chrome extension for Discourse communities notifications

Sorry about theses newbies questions …
Thanks for your help

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Same issue with Firefox (Android)

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Are you guys talking about notifications a la Facebook even when not browsing the page? This isn’t available yet.


yes I do :slight_smile:
is a it a feature i can suggest ? a plugin to develop ?


Does that mean that “Desktop notifications” do not work on mobile ? (mobile <> desktop) ?

what about the authorization form to allow or block notifications for discourse url ?

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Maybe we should supress it?

Too late:

Works has started, we need someone to step in and finish it. (It’s seens to be a lot of work with the differences between FIrefox and Chrome APIs)

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