Annoyance in Try Discourse sandbox

(STiNGER) #1

I am interested in checking out Discourse, so I enter sandbox Try Discourse.

In order to post a new topic, I first have to sign up with a new account.

After all, the sandbox is reset at least one time a day, right?

Almost every single time upon signing up with a new account and trying to enter a new topic, I get error/warning/feature, or whatever you want to call it:

Account temporarily on hold
This is an automated message from Try Discourse to let you know that your account has been temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure...

And of course, the temporarily on hold is never alleviated, rendering the whole purpose of a sandbox useless.

Can anyone explain to me why this happens, how I can prevent it, and why the heck anyone would do this in a sandbox??

And oh yeah, if I try to enter new topic anyway, I get error/warning/feature:

You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

again rendering the whole concept of a sandbox even more useless.
But that’s just me.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sounds like you are pasting in content. That triggers heavy anti spam heuristics. Try actually typing like a real user would.

(STiNGER) #3

Ah, that’s what triggered it. I was pasting in content to check how it was formatted. I didn’t know it would trigger the anti spam stuff. Thanks for helping me out.