Anonymized User Posts - Hidden or Not?


When a user’s account is anonymized, what is “supposed to” happen to their posts?

Several months ago, I anonymized a user and their entire post history was hidden. A few weeks ago, I anonymized a (different) user and their post history remained visible. Is there a way to have the posts hidden? It’s thousands of posts from the one user.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

If a user is anonymized their posts are not supposed to be hidden. Anonymizing a user simply replaces their username with anonxxxxx (replace xxxxx with random numbers) throughout the site. If you want to “have the posts hidden” you’re going to want to delete all posts, not anonymize.


I had previously anonymized a user and their posts were also hidden though, so I was confused.

I can’t delete all of this user’s posts because there’s a “Can’t delete all posts because the user has more than 15 posts. (delete_all_posts_max)” message in their profile. Can that be changed temporarily to allow the post deletion?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

You can change that setting. Go to site settings and search for delete all posts max, change the setting, delete the posts, then revert the setting.


Thanks, that seemed to work… sort of. The user has several thousand posts. I adjusted the setting to allow them all with room to spare, but “delete all” only seemed to work for about 200 or so at a time.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Odd. So were you able to click delete all multiple times until they were all deleted, or were you only able to delete 200?


It deleted 200 or so each time I clicked. I had clicked a few times and I guess it was working, I just decided to stop because it seemed like a weird work-around and I didn’t want to confuse the system or anything. If it’s appropriate and doesn’t open the door to more problems, I’ll just stick with it and remove them that way.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #8

Deleting in increments of 200 certainly isn’t going to confuse the system or anything, but it should delete “all”, not 200. Feel free to keep clicking the button, I’m going to leave this open in case anyone else has an idea what is happening.

(Daniela) #9

Is this limit controlled by delete all posts max site settings?