Another Footer Idea


I like how Vimeo implemented unlimited scrolling.

The first time you visit a Vimeo page, you get a footer (with usefull links) and also a big link to “load more videos”, and just then, after clicking “load more videos”, unlimited footer is activated.

Maybe is an interesting approach to both worlds.

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(Joe Taber) #2

What if you decided you wanted to get to the footer after clicking “Load more”? Seems silly to me even for Vimeo.

Also the reason Discourse does infinite scrolling is to reduce the friction of using the main product as much as humanly possible. Even the small mental effort needed to locate and click the “load more” button is too much for this product in my opinion. It would effectively degenerate discourse to the ancient paginated monstrosities that are the forum software of yore, especially in the minds of brand new users.

(Lowell Heddings) #3

I think the really important question is… why do you even need a footer?

What is so important to put into the footer that you’d break the entire Discourse system, which is designed around infinite scrolling?

There’s really no great answer to that question, as About or Contact or other links can be put into a variety of other places, including a site-specific custom header at the top. I think trying to jury-rig old and outdated concepts into this new forum just doesn’t work.

Discourse is about discussion, and how to make that better. Nothing about a footer made a discussion better at any point for anybody.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Well… to be fair, there is a pretty important footer at the bottom of every topic with action buttons and more things to read, prioritized by your participation.

However I agree I don’t think it’d be practical to add a footer to, say, the topic list on the homepage.

What value would a new footer add? I think we have to start with that decision first. What problem does it solve? Even one click might be too much if the value of the footer is low.

(Iszi) #5

Agreed - especially for the action buttons. I really don’t like having to scroll all the way down just to find the Share button, or add a reply that’s not linked to another post.

(Iain M Norman) #6

Agreed again. Also handy would be a keyboard shortcut that popped up the reply control thang. (Does it have a name?)


Thank you all for the feedback and insights!

(syamsul) #8

I think people (including myself) still rely footer for advertisement placement and other T&C stuff. Currently, there seems to be no way by default. I would think that an optional “sticky” footer which users can make it disappear … would be nice.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

The footer support is quite mature now. See one in action at

(syamsul) #10

Thanks for the reply.

(Jeff Atwood) #11