Any _user_ setting to automatically show new topics?

(Drew) #1

Currently when new topics pop in, a blue bar pops up that says “x new or updated topics. Click to show.”. I keep one of the Discourse forums I use up on a second monitor so I can easily see when new posts come in, but when I’m playing a fullscreen game I have to alt+tab out of it (alt+tabbing out of fullscreen games is annoying) to click that header. Is there any way for me to have posts automatically come in without me clicking the blue bar? I’d like to just glance over at the active threads and alt+tab out when I see one I’d like to participate in. I recently started using an auto-refresh plugin I used on that forum prior to the switch to Discourse, but if there’s a way to have new topics automatically come in I’d gladly use that in place of the auto-refresh plugin.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, because this would shift everything down which is quite disruptive.

The bar itself used to shift content down and people rightfully complained about that, too…