Any option for X posting (cross posting)?


Is there any formal way to X post using discourse from one category to another or would I simply let my users and readers know this topic has been cross posted from over there?

(Robin Ward) #2

Rather than posting the same content in multiple categories we encourage people to use tags. You can add multiple tags to a topic.


How do you mean add tags to a post? I don’t see an option for this?

(Mittineague) #4

You don’t add tags to a post.

You add them to a topic when it’s created, or add them to an existing topic via the topic’s title edit modal.


Yeah but how. I don’t see an option for this. Do I have to change some settings or enable something?

(Mittineague) #6

When you create a topic, the place to add tag(s) is in the text input below the textarea.
For an existing topic, click the edit pencil icon next to the topic title and a modal will open

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

Keep in mind you need to enable tagging first. Do so via site settings in /admin.


I dont see that here. I get options to select category and sub category but not tags. Could it be the browser I am using? FF 45.7.0 ? Something is not right.


Will do back in my own forum and check back. But in here, as above I also do not get that option. See image below.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #10

Tagging may be restricted to TL2 or TL3 and up here…


OK. Thanks.

Do you know if tagging can be manually amended per user?


Ive just checked that is correct.

Must enable tagging in the admin > settings > tags. And then set trust levels.

I’ll have a muck around with this and report back to see if it acts as a solution similar to cross posting.


It seems to have made a difference but not necessarily the solution I was after. My problem is I run a discount forum so what happens when I have a product that fits into two different categories? Searching via tags is not really easy and once my categories blow out to have heaps of topics if a user is browsing category X for product XA but this product discount is currently only listed in category Y I rely on them finding this by search tool only correct?

(Andy at Focallocal) #13

what about when you only want to cross post, or tag one comment. like 'hey #graphicdesign team can you have a look at this plz" in a webdev thread

i seem to be able to hashtag, but it only shows 3 categories out of the 20 or so we have, so not sure whats up with that

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #14

This would be better served by mentioning the group graphicdesign, with @graphicdesign. Like we have here with @team.

(Andy at Focallocal) #15

thanks for the reply. that option doesn’t appear to be available to me and i can’t see a guide how to set it up

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #16

The forum staff should create the group and make it ‘mentionable’ by users.

(Andy at Focallocal) #17

would we have to add each member to a group manually for them to receive a notification? or is there a way to automatically add anyone who posts in the relevant thread?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #18

Use one of those settings, on the group page:

(Andy at Focallocal) #19

thanks. so i should be able to give them a direct link to the group to sign up