Any plans in the works for Tapatalk and Panjo plugins or similar functionality?


I run an automotive related vBulletin-based site and I’m considering moving it to Discourse in the future. We have two plugins that are quite popular, Tapatalk and Panjo. If you don’t know what TT is, it’s a plugin that allows your forum to be accessed via the TT Android and iOS apps. Panjo is a relatively new marketplace plugin that modernizes the “For Sale” experience on vBulletin-based sites.

Are there any plans for such plugins or similar ones or to integrate this functionality directly into Discourse?

While neither of these plugins are absolutely vital (although I’m sure some people only visit forums that they can access via TT), they are highly valued and not having such features would be a major turn-off for some people and site owners.

Thoughts? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No plans for this, the idea is that Discourse works great on smartphone without needing to install and configure anything extra. “It just works”


That’s good to know, I appreciate the confirmation. I also have a Discourse site that I access via my iPhone. It’s painless for the most part and I assume it will only improve over time. It is certainly a much better experience already than vBulletin’s mobile skin!

Even though I mentioned that not supporting such plugins would be a turn off to some people, ultimately I think it’s a good idea to keep Discourse streamlined and super reliable. That’s why I’m so interested in Discourse and its potential to change the forum world for the better!

I do hope that Discourse will eventually include features beyond those related to just discussions and sharing information. Features that could enrich the community experience further such as marketplace functionality, more image viewing options (beyond the typical and clunky gallery or slideshow) and some sort of news / event / schedule announcement system with image previews.


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If you have specific ideas we love mockups, find the existing topics on those concepts and add your mockups with rough step by step outline of how it would work!


Cool! Thanks for the advice…Any recommendations for quick and easy mockup apps or will a pen and paper do…? :smiley:

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Whatever works, you can snap a pic with your phone and upload easily.