Any plugin for TAGS displays at topic and in post?

(Tumi) #1

Im looking for any plugin with Tags for topic and sorting them for example on the sidebar ? (or similar like that (prefix etc) ?

(Mittineague) #2

Can you explain a bit more, or post a mock up?

There are no “post Tags”. Tags are associated with topics.

Topic lists on Latest, hybrid Categories and Top pages display any tags a topic may have, though unless there’s a kind of “?tag=something” URL query string I don’t know about they aren’t sortable by Tags.

Does the Tags page not meet your needs for finding topics by their Tags?

(Tumi) #3

Thanks for reply. Man i tell whatt is my intention to do.

When Topic is started i want to mark him as “green”. Whatever its mean. This can be a little green tag with text [green] before or after Topic Thread. This can be a Just Topic Thread displays in green color and for example with

And i want to choose (or moderators ) which topic will displays on forum list as “green” , blue, red etc. Do you understand what i mean?

(Mittineague) #4

Errmm, … maybe?

It is possible to have tags that only Staff can create.

It sounds like you may be wanting to use tags to classify progress. If so, you could have tags like
or green, amber, red or whatever.

Staff could then change the tags to reflect the state of the feature as it progressed.

If you are wanting a topic list page sortable by tags, then I think that would need to be either a plugin or maybe a PR

If you want to style tags to have colors, that should be able to be done using CSS.

If you want to have tags that are visible only to staff, perhaps it would be best to use them in staff-only categories.

(Tumi) #5

Thanks for reply. Man its good i can create tag but pls tell me.

How create a tag with
lower case letters and with spacing ? Plus as u told i want to color this tag.

For example i want to add green bold tag called for example “RPG Solution” itp itd

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Tags do not support uppercase letters or spaces. You can use CSS to capitalize a tag in the UI:

(Tumi) #7

It works THANKS!
One small problem. Inserts a tag with a space but interprets it as enter and creates a paragraph. How to fix it?