Any resources on badges implementation?

(Zarmakuizz) #1

Hi everyone :smile:

I am currently a student in an internship, inside a startup, and I am on a task of implementing a badge system on our app. This is my first take on badges, so I am looking for inspirating examples.

I already looked at Discourse as an example for the design part (I used Discourse on another community), so I though about looking at Discourse again for the coding part. How it was implemented. That’s when I read somewhere on the Design thread that the badge system would have needed 6-8 weeks to implement? While it seemed to my colleagues and me that it could be done in a shorter time. So I think we might be missing something.

I don’t know how long it was in the end, however I am curious about the architecture behind. To make reading the code easier, I am looking for draft documents, blog posts, or anything about the development specification of the badges on Discourse, in case this resource exists?

Thank you for your attention ^^

(Sam Saffron) #2

That topic and the implementation and the various badge discussions are all you have to go by, there is no “badge architecture” blog post and so on.

(Zarmakuizz) #3

Thank you for your answer. I will look through the code and the forum as you said.