Any tips on setting up the WordPress plugin on an existing blog with existing comments?

(John Reid) #1

I’m about to try out setting up WordPress plugin.

Before I do - I wondered if anyone can give any tips on setting it up on a blog with exiting comments.

Ideally, I don’t want to lose the comments that we have but I appreciate that there’s an issue where those comments already have email addresses associated with them that probably won’t have accounts in the new forum.

So any thoughts / tips / suggestions will be appreciated.

(blaumeer) #2

Just for the archives as the original topic is stale: try the plugin on a test site, you can selectively enable D comments on new posts only, and on a post per post basis. Old comments are preserved as is.

(Bart) #3

Thanks, I’m looking into the same thing. So there’s no way to migrate existing WordPress comments into Discourse?

Update never mind, I just found the answer here.