Any way for a user to find out Discourse site settings?

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I’m an active participant in a Discourse community where the staff don’t have as much of a presence as they could have (which is fine because they’re busy developing features for the parent product), so they’re not around to answer questions about Discourse settings (last time we asked whether or not they locked the Regular rank to manual promotion (they did), it took a third of a year to get a response). Is it possible for users to view the site’s settings without access to the admin panel or whatever? I’m particularly interested in the amount of flagged and hidden posts it will take for this to be triggered:

It could be the default value (which I don’t know), or it could have been changed to something else (which I also don’t know). There’s a user in our forum who has been getting a lot of his posts flagged recently, and I’m wondering how long it’ll take before he finally gets the boot / demoted to New User (no posting privileges). His current TL is Member. All of his posts that have been flagged have been from the initial 3-of-a-kind flags to hide as far as I can tell, and there hasn’t been any moderator intervention, because as I mentioned, they don’t really have too much of a presence on the site.

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There isn’t really much of a substitute for Moderator decision making about what happens to community hidden posts.

With no Moderator action taken:
When a post gets 3 Flags (assuming the default is used) it becomes hidden.
If it doesn’t get edited, it remains hidden.
If the member edits the post it becomes visible.
If it gets Flagged and hidden again it remains that way.

After a while, depending on Setting values, the post will be deleted.
With it so too are the Flags.

That is, for the most part, it is as though the post never happened.

As for non-Admin members having access to Setting values, no, they don’t.
Nor should they.

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The process stops here for all of this user’s posts

What about that bit I quoted from codinghorror? Do users not lose posting privileges after a certain amount of hidden posts, and I was reading that wrong?

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That post is a bit old, but it was my understanding that Flagged posts were applied to a members Flagged Posts count in terms of a penalty only when a Moderator Agreed with the Flags.

For example.

Say there was a “Red” forum.
And it had a single “Green” member.
If all the Red members routinely Flagged Green’s posts, they would become hidden.

In the absence of any Moderator action at all, ever, Green would not lose posting privileges.

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You can view a limited set of the site settings by typing Discourse.SiteSettings in your browser console.

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