Any way to identify the recipient of a particular email summary?

I am facing an interesting challenge - a member forwarded an email to my helpdesk inbox asking for help logging in. The member has some sort of alias setup and doesn’t know the email address they used to register - the email they are writing from and their name is not matching any user on my discourse.

I searched the email for clues, and am not finding any info about the member like username or anything. Is there any way to identify which user this was sent to and to which email address?

Maybe for the future, indicating the username in the email linking to their profile might be worth considering. Even the user might appreciate a reminder of their username. :slight_smile:

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If they are receiving mail from Discourse, they can look in the To: line of those messages to see where the mail is being sent. Perhaps the message they forwarded had the headers removed?

If they don’t know their email address or username and don’t know what name they put in the name field, then it’s kinda tough. If the community is open, they can search for some post that they wrote to see what their username is.

You might have some luck going to:
Admin -> Logs -> Staff Actions and filtering on “change username”

Do you have the full email with complete headers? The headers will contain a message id that can be looked up.

In this case I do not have the full email with complete headers. I am waiting to hear back. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Much appreciated.

Worst comes to worst, ask them to signup with a new account. If they’re on a home network then you’ll see the old username as a duplicate ip when you look at admin for the new account.

I use mandrill as my outbound mail service, which tracks clicks and opens using unique codes. I wonder if there’s a way to reverse engineer those codes to identify the associated email address? Couldn’t figure this out myself using google searches, but it seems like it should be possible.

In this case, the person I am trying to help is non-technical and I don’t know them… so don’t want to burden them with extra troubleshooting steps if I can help it. If I can’t help either, it’s not the end of the world.

For the future, however, it seems to me since the email summary is personalized it wouldn’t be too much to add the user’s username somewhere, e.g. change “New for you” to “New for you, @tobiaseigen”. Or “Hello @tobiaseigen! Since your last visit”… this personalization might also add incentive to the recipient to look at it.

Anyhoo, this is the first and maybe last time this will happen to me, so just throwing this out there in case others also share my experience and might be interested in tweaking this.


I can’t say that this hasn’t happened to me. But it’s never been a problem since the list of email-addresses that I use is rather limited. It’s hard to imagine that a non-tech person would have too many possible addresses to try them all out via “forgot password” link or “send me a login link”. Can’t you just ask them to try password restore for all candidates?