Anyone getting complaints of topics not loading properly on Chrome/Android?

(ljpp) #1

Recently, I would say after the 1.5.3 stable channel update, my community has reported random issues of threads not opening properly on Android Chrome My forum is not tech oriented and the reports so far have been very random and not totally descriptive, so I have not yet been able to reproduce the issue - not sure if I even fully understand it, yet.

There are however a handful of reports now, from different individuals, who have been happy users before. This seems to be Android/Chrome specific, and there are comments that people are now using Firefox as a workaround.

  • Anyone seen or heard something similar?
  • A Chrome regression, maybe?

Note: I am using the stable release channel, I have AdSense and Spoiler plugins enabled and have some customization on the UI. (defaults to Finnish)

(ljpp) #2

I keep getting this feedback, but I am not able to reproduce it myself. Now it would seem that the issue might be related to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. I have user reports that an Android 6.0 device is not working, while older Android 5.x devices are. But to make things even more complicated, there are also good user reports on Android M…

What ever the reason is, there is now screenshot proof of the issue (here). The browser seems to be stuck/frozen at a loading state.