Anyone have advice or tips for using Discourse as a platform for project management?

(Travis) #1

In an effort to eat our own dogfood in the sense that we want our users to use the forum, we’re trying to use the Staff category and other features for our own development projects.

I was curious if anyone had advice or experience with this. I know it’s sort of an open question.

Discourse itself gets feedback using the meta forum of course but I thought maybe @codinghorror, @sam, and others might be able to share some workflow happening behind the scenes in private categories that might be useful.


I might be able to help.

When you click on users you can private message them. At that point you can click send and you will see the summary box widget where conversation counts and other things take place. Under that there is a button to invite others.

When you click that you can start typing the username find your person that you need to include click submit. That person will be sent an invite. The set up looks as if you can only add one person at a time. So if you have a few people it can be be a workable solution.

If you have a lot of people you could be submitting requests one at a time for a while.

Anyways your private message becomes a private meeting (so to speak) (not a category…more adhoc method)

(Robin Ward) #3

Well before Discourse had any public forums, we had a private development forum that we used for planning / feedback / etc. We forced ourselves to use it to dogfood the software.

Now that we have public meta forums and try for playing around, the forum has kind of wilted away :smile: We prefer to discuss virtually everything in public.

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

This is a good thing for an open source project :slight_smile: transparency