Anyone still using Discoursehosting?


Hi All

  1. Anyone still using ? I sent them a pre-sale question and it has been over 24 hours already and still nobody gets back to me. Are they still offering hosting for discourse forums?

I can understand tickets for technical support may be answered late, but Pre Sale questions should get answered very promptly, makes me a little nervous if they are still in business and how responsive their tech support is if they won’t even answer Pre Sale questions promptly.

  1. Besides Discoursehosting, are there other companies that also allow us to host the forum on the hosting company’s subdomain ? So far it seems that Discoursehosting is the only company that allows the following:

" Get your own forum, completely running in the cloud. Either on our subdomain or on your own domain. Safe, secure and simple."


(Jeff Atwood) #2

You should really direct these questions to discoursehosting – we have only heard good things about their hosting to date.

It is not unheard of for pre sale questions to take more than 24 hours to answer, if they are complex, or people are unavailable.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

@michaeld, the founder is active here and posted 2 days ago. That being said I believe he runs the company by himself (or with a very small team), so I would be patient. As @codinghorror said, I’ve never heard anyone complain about them - I considered using them for my site, but ended up self-hosting as it is an internal company site.


Without seeing the pre-sale question and understanding their business it is difficult to form any opinon about response times.

Isn’t it better to have prompt operational and technical support?

(Matt Palmer) #5

I’d definitely think sales stuff would be less well-responded-to than tech support – it’s rare for salespeople to work late shifts (those martinis won’t drink themselves!), or get paged out of bed, because there just isn’t the same urgency, generally. “I have to know something about your service NOW!” is not, in my experience, a common event.

At any rate, though, given that a domain is about $10/year, I’m surprised being able to use someone else’s domain is a major selling point.


@mpalmer Thanks. I just recently migrated my wordpress site to Siteground which runs on Cpanel which I understand is not compatible with Discourse. At this point, I do not want to go through the hassle of doing yet another migration just so that I can use Discourse for my community, so the fact that Discoursehoting allows me to host the forum on their subdomain appeals to me. However, I would like to know if this is going to dilute the traffic on my site as reported by Google analytics if the forum is hosted on Discoursehosting’s subdomain.

I vaguely remember another forum provider “nodebb” said they can also host my forum on their domain and there is a way for them to configure it in such a way that will not dilute my site’s traffic. I wonder if this is something that Discoursehosting can also do.

(Matt Palmer) #7

You don’t need to put all your sites on the same host just because they’re all in the same domain. If you want to know whether discoursehosting can do the same thing as a nodebb-based provider, you probably want to find out (a) exactly what the nodebb-based provider is doing, and (b) ask discoursehosting if they can do that same thing. Although personally, I’d just use a subdomain of my own domain, because that way I could change hosting providers without having all my old links go poof (because if you’re using a provider’s domain, and you stop being a customer of that provider, the domain is gone).


@mpalmer Thanks again. I am not a developer, so all this is very alien to me.

Are you saying I can have for example, hosted on 1 server running discourse and the rest of my wordpress site’s contents hosted on another server with a different company ?

That would be GREAT if this is possible.

(Matt Palmer) #9

Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.


@mpalmer any other Discourse hosting companies that you can recommend ? I tried Digital Ocean and Discoursehosting already, not sure if there are others that I should try to see if they are willing to just set up the forum for me on their server.

Thanks again for all your help !! Much appreciated.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #11

@needhelp The Discourse team does hosting, and should be able to help with what you are looking for. For example, I am a moderator at, which is a hosted discourse site. The company also has a wordpress site at on another host.


@jomaxro Thanks. Are you splitting up your site over 2 seperate servers for the same reason? ie: existing wordpress server is incompatible with Discourse requirement?

The hosting service offered by Discourse team is a little beyond my budget at this point, I don’t completely rule that out but also would like to see what other options are available before making a decision.


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #13

I have no idea! I’m just a moderator on the forums, both the website and the forums existed before my time. I am assuming they chose to have Discourse host the site because they didn’t want to deal with the administration of the forums - they wanted to work on developing their game.

(Michael - #14

Yes, that is possible.

As discussed above, sometimes we are indeed a bit slower when responding to pre-sales questions. We try to respond to those within 24 hours, to technical questions within 8-10 hours, and to service affecting tickets immediately - although we don’t need a ticket for them since our monitoring tends to be a lot quicker than our customers :slight_smile:

That said, we replied to your questions in nine minutes… did you check your spam folder?

If missing our answer means you ‘tried’ us, then I invite you to actually try us first before looking further :slight_smile:

It’s not about those $10. It’s about being able to set up your forum and play around with it without having to hassle with DNS immediately. We always provision your forum at and a customer can add an own hostname later. This usually is done within one hour (about 30%), one to two weeks later (about 60%) and never (10%).

(Jeff Atwood) #15