Anything like Discourse for community publishing?

(Robert Andrews) #1

I just discovered Discourse. This looks like a fantastic reinvention of the forum for the modern web. What I’m further interested in, however, is a good, modern community-centric publishing CMS with a UI all on the frontend. I’ve used WordPress for years and am dabbling with BuddyPress but, apart from being nascent, it seems to me to be too wedded to WordPress and so much of the functionality is locked in the admin backed - that’s not great for a community-ensue site that would major on articles/posts that should be created on the frontend. And yet, the extensibility of WordPress is useful. Drupal, on the other hand, scares the pants off me.
So, do you know of any platform to accomplish this job that is as modern and awesome-looking as Discourse, are you working on any such thing or could Discourse support such a thing?

(Yves `M'vy` Stadler) #2

Your needs seem a little confusing. Could you explain what would distinguish Discourse from a “community-centric publishing CMS” ? Or maybe simply put: what can’t you do with discourse and you would need?

(Robert Andrews) #3

… A greater focus on “articles”/content/posts, like a CMS might have, but all administered in the UI that readers get (after all, readers MIT be producers), and with the visual and technological panache Discourse seems to bring.

Imagining BuddyPress’ feature set but all in the front end and better/more innovative looking.

(ete) #4


Also @Nick said he’s working on something like this in the plugins topic, and will put something/plans up on Github soon.

Content collaboration tools/reputation system
(Sjors) #5

I’m also interested in this, some kind of integrated static content section. It doesn’t have to have all the bells & whistles you could imagine, but just basic functionality which does the job. At this point I’m also still thinking if I should use wordpress, drupal or octopress together with Discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Is there any reason you can’t do both?

That is, use WordPress for what it is good at, and our WordPress plugin to make Discourse the discussion back end for all your blog posts?