API: Admin/groups no longer returning any groups


Were there any recent changes made to the /admin/groups.json endpoint? We are no longer seeing any of our groups. It returns 200 OK but nothing in the body.

I noticed that you guys removed the group pages, did you remove the endpoint data too?

P.S. For further clarification, we are talking about GET requests here.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Yes, they should be at /groups.json now.


Ok, I see them. Thanks.

Do you guys have a place where developers can go and see what is deprecated, removed, changed etc in the way of the API? Just so when you guys are about to make a change like this, we can get a heads up and make adjustments accordingly.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

It’s very rare to deprecate / move a core route like that.

We started this move almost a year ago, and now that it’s committed to core we gotta update our docs here: Discourse API Docs (cc @blake).


Understood. However it would be nice to have some kind official change log or at least version the API to help isolate us from some of these changes.

Anyways, one last question for clarification. Is everything going to /groups.json? Like POST, DELETE etc? Like the entire route is changed?

What about things like /admin/groups/{groupid}/members.json?

(Simon Cossar) #6

An alias has been added to that route, so it should still work.


Thanks for that. But I probably should not go through the aliases if you are moving towards /group itself. I just want to make sure there is consistency in any wrappers I have. :slight_smile:

(Blake Erickson) #8

Okay I made some updates to the Discourse API Docs