API call to get all site_texts

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could not easily find the answer in the forums.

Is there an API JSON call to get all the site_texts or a query param that I can add?

The Customize -> Text Content tab defaults to showing 4 of the site texts and I would like a way to retrieve all site texts through the API JSON.

Also, is there a link where I can find the different query params that are available for these types of calls? I went through the Discourse API docs and they seem very sparse and lacking compared to what Discourse is actually using in their front end.

Thank you in advance!

I don’t think there is an API call to get all of the site text - that’s a lot of text. You can get the overridden site text from /admin/customize/site_texts.json?overridden=true. You can search for terms within the site text by setting the q parameter: /admin/customize/site_texts.json?q=test.

See: How to reverse engineer the Discourse API.


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your help and feedback. I have looked over the reverse engineering topic, but one of my concerns is that Discourse seems to automatically send out some messages such as when you first join as a new user or the help text on the right that indicates if you are a new poster or not. (Essentially from the admin end, is it possible for me to modify or edit event triggers that send certain text)

I was wondering if its possible to find all of these situations/events and customize them other than by manually searching for each site text individually? If I do just manual searches and edits it’s possible there might be an event that Discourse fires that I do not know about which would just use the default Discourse text, which I want to avoid.

If you have any advice I would appreciate it! Thank you.