Api documentation on creating private forums

I see that I can create private forums/category that only selected users can read and contribute to. Where can I find the documentation for the api to be able to do the following from my sso parent site:

  1. create a new forum/category using api
  2. assign specific user ids to that new forum
  3. delete users from that forum
  4. delete the forum

Reference the following two topics:


If you run the XHR channel of the network inspector while driving Discourse, you can find the api calls.
(you might find it necessary to have Preserve Log turned on)
Full instructions here: How to reverse engineer the Discourse API

For example, here’s the log for me creating a new Category called categoryname, which is the child of category no.9, has AB9364 as the badge colour, has create/reply/see for the “directors” usergroup and has “topic template contents” in the topic template.

It’s a POST to /categories.json

PS: The cookie is irrelevant if you’re making these api calls with an api key.