API: Get posts by Tags?

(Adam) #1

Totally new to discourse and Ruby; hoping you can point me in the right direction.

I want to be able to post to Discourse on DomainX.com and use tags such as #topic1.

Then on a PHP website i made on DomainA.org; have a page for #topic1 listing all the posts with that tag, click on the post and a page on DomainA.org will show the contents of the page.

The idea then; will be “Discuss this topic on Domainx.com” banner.

Any pointers appreciated; where to start? where is the api docs? …

(Dean Taylor) #2

You can use an end-point like this:

Check out the following topic regarding API documentation:

Basically use Google Chrome Developer Tools to monitor the API requests made whilst using the site normally to find endpoints and arguments.