API Question for Private Categories

(Holly Ross) #1

Hey all - We have an internal user who would like to use our version of Discourse for an internal team discussion. He wants to leverage the API with Slack for things like:

  • a team member can can ask a question in Slack, and have the bot search our Discourse for possible answer
  • Slack channel is alerted when their is a new topic in the private channel

The API works fine for searching what we have PUBLICLY exposed in Discuss, but we can’t get the API to work for anything that is private (and so requires authentication).

I gave him the API key from Admin --> API, and we tried to authenticate with both his and my credentials. Neither gave him access to that category. It is different from other categories only in that it is available only to certain users (one group) and that it is suppressed from the home page.

Can you give me some guidance? As the site moderator, I just can’t find the place where you would do this from the admin interface.