Apple Mail formatting

(James Milligan) #1

Sending emails in from Apple Mail (Mac OS X Mail 7.3 1878.6 / Apple Mail 2.1878.6) seems to result in broken formatting, like newlines being wiped out. I’m awaiting a copy of an email from a user (for the original content vs the markdown), but could I send it to someone via PM rather than posting publicly on here?

Newlines stripped in HTML email replies to notifications
(James Milligan) #2

Looks like div tags are not being treated as paragraphs - for instance, in the original email, there is a list that contains ‘lines’ separated by divs, no break lines. It looks like these have been stripped out and not replaced by either a break line or paragraph.

(Arpit Jalan) #3

I may have broken it in my recent commit. PM me.

(James Milligan) #4

PM sent :smile: Cheers @techAPJ

Guessing this is the commit?

(Arpit Jalan) #5

Yep, when did you last updated your instance? That change fixes the bug you described.

(James Milligan) #6

Ah, I thought I’d updated since then. Updating now…

(James Milligan) #7

Updated, and confirmed working with the original problem email. Thanks @techAPJ :smile:

Feel free to close as fixed.

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(Sam Saffron) opened #9

(Sam Saffron) #10

Reopening per @lake54 request, can you expand on the issue?

(James Milligan) #11

Sure, it’s basically the same issue that’s reappeared, divs not being converted to paragraphs in, for example, signatures.

I’ve sent an example via PM to @techAPJ

(Michael Downey) #12

I’ve seen this too lately. :frowning:

(Arpit Jalan) #13

Should be (properly) fixed now :wink:

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