Apply custom CSS except to category page

(James Figgle) #1

So on the “Latest” and “New” views I apply the following CSS:

.topic-list .category {
display: none;

having the Category shown there seems visually cluttered to me.

However now when I visit the “Categories” section I see the lists of Categories on the left side of the page and the topics that are in those categories.

Right now on my forum if I visit the categories page I see the topics sorted by category, but it does not state which topics are in which category.

How can I get it to not show categories on most of the views but still show on the category page?

(Sam) #2

AFAIK there isn’t currently a CSS designator specifically for the Latest page (or for New/Unread, I suppose), so I don’t know that there’s a quick/easy way to do this, unfortunately.