Approve / reject pending users button obscured by composer draft

(Dave McClure) #1

While you have a draft in progress, even while minimized, it obscures the ‘Apporve’ and ‘Reject’ buttons on the Pending Users page. (Minor issue)

I was in the middle writing a topic when I got a notification that there were a handful of users who had signed up but were waiting to be approved.

I went to the Admin / Users / Pending page, checked off the boxes and couldn’t find the button to approve them.

I tried minimizing the composer draft but still couldn’t see the buttons.

I was able to see the buttons after posting the topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Isn’t this an extreme edge case? It should be grouped with “can’t see the topic progress bar when composing” which is much more common and basically the same issue.

(Dave McClure) #3

Yeah, maybe… but right now I can see the topic progress bar when composing. I can scroll the page so I dont’t see it, but I can scroll back and its there.

With this issue, the only way I could get to those buttons was to hit cancel or send on the draft.

As I noted its a minor issue, but I figured worth reporting (at least give me credit for not putting it in the bug category :-p)