[ARCHIVE] Topic List Previews

(Angus McLeod) #871

@googleboy I’ve made the updates to the ‘like’ functionality.

For the views and activity timestamp, you’re talking about the social style right?

@bartv Could you show me a live example where you think this is happening?

For the multiple tags idea, sure, I’ll take a look next week :slight_smile:

(Bart) #872

Definitely: try our homepage and watch the network inspector. It pulls in many images that are not on the page.


(Angus McLeod) #873

All the images loaded on that page are visible on the page, and are expected.

You can see them grouped together in Application > Frames > Top > Images.

(Bart) #874

Scroll down the topic list a few pages and look again please (you’ll need to hit some Art forum categories - those have topic list images). You’ll definitely see a lot of non-avatar, non-featured images there.

(Angus McLeod) #875

If you mean these images, they are being loaded inside the Google Ads iframe.

(Bart) #876

No, definitely images that are associated to topics. I can do a screenshare with you later today if that helps?

(Angus McLeod) #877

You’re seeing all the images from the pages you’ve visited since you last refreshed (i.e. they are cached). They’re not all being loaded from the server. If you refresh the page you’ll only see images from that page. In any event, the plugin doesn’t load images from topics not being displayed.

Try refreshing the page, checking the images loaded, then navigating while keeping the inspector open. Then refresh the page again to see what is loaded.

PM me if you’re not convinced and we can do a screen-share perhaps.


Yes @angus, replace text from view count with font awesome icon ‘eye’.

Also abbreviate text in timestamp e.g ‘2 hours ago’ timestamp can just b ‘2h’.

(Daniel Nevoigt) #879

@angus Sorry for late answer…Yes, I have it deactivated and just tested, the error is still there.

(Joshua Kogan) #880

Hi @angus, I’ve installed this plugin, and it’s widened my topic table. I’m a new user here, so I can only upload one image in this post, so I’ve taken screenshots of my site both before and after enabling this plugin, together:

As you can see, the container that holds the list is wider, as it appears that the topic column has become wider.

My site is www.sqrpgz.com, and I’m using this theme https://labs.daemon.com.au/ – which has your plugin enabled, without the issue I’m experiencing. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

(Joshua Kogan) #881

@angus, I just noticed that the layout is fine when the plugin is enabled on category lists – see here:

I wonder what’s up with the “all categories” table/list?

(Joshua Kogan) #882

Figured it out. Changed the max excerpt character length from 200 to 100, and the table width fell into place.

(David Kingham) #883

Was this ever implemented? I’ve searched high and low and don’t see any setting or mention of this. I would love to have the previews in the split homepage view. Thanks again @angus

(Hakan) #884

How to make a nice look by hiding the “Posters” field on the right side like Reddit ?

(Nam Nguyen) #885

You can create a new theme :slight_smile:

(Hakan) #886

I already have my own theme, but I need to change the div html of the places that have the topic-preview plugin. I need to do this on an add-on basis

(Angus McLeod) #887

@bartv I’ve applied the topic list featured order setting to the featured tag topic list.

Sort tagged topics by creation (or tagging) date
(Hakan) #888

how can I enter % to adjust image width and height?

width: 100%
height: 70% maybe.

(Mittineague) #889

I typically do

max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

because every time I assign both width and height more often than not the images are distorted. (i.e. squished or stretched)

(Hakan) #890

I have never tried this before