[ARCHIVE] Topic List Previews

(Angus McLeod) #976

Mate, if you had told me this when you first posted and started messaging me (weeks, months?) ago, it would have saved a lot of time.

I’ll test tlp with the setup you’re using next sunday.

(Hakan) #977

I apologize that there was no problem with previous versions, but when I was new to this version.

(Dan) #978

Do you have any guide on how to do this?

(Hakan) #979

We do it with php script.

(Dan) #980

After installation, by default this will enable thumbnails right?
As for me, /latest page still no thumbnail showing.

Already run: rake posts:rebake also.

(Dan) #981

Only settings I changed:

Still no thumbnail showing.

(Dan) #982

Plugin List

Current change settings:


No, don’t believe so, you need this:

(Dan) #984

Thanks Works now.

But some topics don’t have thumbnail, not even using the default image set.
Some works fine also.

(Dan) #985

For some reason, this plugin was causing a lot of my thread images disappear.
I have to uninstall this for now and restore a recent backup :-(.

My forum old images not see
(Keith) #986

I do actually - and to some degree that makes sense as to what’s causing the issue. I’ll disable it and get back to you, but shouldn’t we find a way to prevent thumbnails from being cleaned up, so we can leave that option on? It strikes me as a very, very useful feature for saving disk space.

(Dan) #987

This is default enabled by Discourse though.
Should we disable this?


I have this enabled and I do not have any problems with TLP.

(Keith) #989

It looks like it’s only happening on the thumbnails that have been cleaned per my issue with “clean up uploads”, so all is good there. (Although I still want to make the argument that we need to leave that flag on)

(Keith) #990

Are any of your thumbnails coming from Vimeo or Youtube? I don’t know how I hadn’t caught this before, but the only thumbnails that are being broken are pulled from Vimeo/Youtube.

I just made myself a test post to compare with - if I understand that function correctly, it will wait the amount of time defined in the option below before running:


[Edit] Can verify that the thumbnail broke after the set time - it’s very likely because of this flag.

Is there anything we can do to still allow me to take advantage of this function to delete unnecessary files from the server without killing the thumbnails?

(Angus McLeod) #991

@keith1 Thanks for the detective work! I will take a look at the specific issue of yt/vimeo onebox previews getting removed as part of the upload cleanup job on Sunday.

(Angus McLeod) #992

@keith1 This should fix the issue.

You’ll need to rebuild the html of all posts with a yt/vimeo preview. One way would be to rebake all posts. You can then turn the clean up uploads and it will not remove yt/vimeo previews.

(Sora &\) #993

Hello @angus

Can you build theme for Discourse with feature can be view topic Grid Previews same Google Photo Album?

(Angus McLeod) #994

@merefield is actually working on a featured like that with me at the moment :slight_smile: He might have more to say about it.


Haha, yes, inspired by @Johani’s work on the image gallery and his theme-based prototype I’m adding a feature to TLP that implements Masonry tiles for the topic lists.

This is fairly mature alpha now but have encountered a slight (but crucial!) blocker with infinite scroll … watch this space …

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