Archiving vs. unlisting vs. deleting a thread


Could someone provide examples of when it is best to choose each option: delete, unlist, or archive a thread?

Seems to me that deleting a thread would be best for spam or a duplicate thread?

I would think that unlisting a thread would be used as a temporary measure to let things cool off. If the intention is to permanently unlist it, then why not just delete it? Unless a mod needs to reference it later?

And under what circumstances is it best for a thread be archived? What is the purpose of that?


(Chaboi_3000) #2

Delete threads that you think are spam, or irrelevant to the board. Unlisting should be used to make it so only users with the link can access it. Archiving is one step in the grave, maybe just for leaving it for a while and deleting it later. Read this to find out more about those.


Thanks @Chaboi_3000! I just read through that link and also other links within that thread. The deleting and unlisted makes sense.

But still not clear on why you would archive a thread. Could you provide a couple of examples of why there would be a need to freeze a thread in time so that no posters are able to edit or delete their comments further?

Second question: after a thread has been archived, can it be unlocked at a later time to allow more commenting?



I can see this if maybe if the thread was maybe a convo between two people and they wanted to reference it later.

But with lots of comments in a topic from various people, would there be a reason to unlist a thread right after locking it?

(Kris) #5

This can vary a bit depending on how you use your community.

For example, you could have a topic about an event that’s happening. As an admin, you might want to archive the topic because there’s a new event and you don’t want the old one appearing in search results alongside the new one… and maybe there’s some useful feedback in the old topic that you want to reference it in the future.

Really it’s just an option between deleting and unlisting. If you don’t find your own use for it, then no problem, don’t use it.

Yes. As an admin you can view archived topics by visiting — you can unarchive them using the same menu you used to archive them.


If I click the edit button to “unarchive” a thread to allow 24 hours for deleting some posts, will anyone receive a notification like other mods/admins in their mod inbox?

Second question: will unarchiving make the thread rise to the top like it does when you unlock a thread? Or at least from my recollection I thought unlocking a thread makes it rise to the top. I know deleting the last comment in a thread will make it rise to the top.

(Sam Saffron) #7

I highly recommend you try both of these yourself and report back :wink: