Are accounts created via different platforms linkable?


I am about to test creating accounts in our forum via twitter, facebook, and google.


I am going to test using the platforms to create an account via my own personal facebook, google, and twitter accounts. It occurred to me that even though I am the same person (obviously :rofl: ) the accounts wouldn’t be linked. I guess people would pick the platform they want to sign in via and stick with that. But I can also imagine the scenario, where a person forgets their sign in on one platform, let’s say Facebook, and decides to just use another of their platforms, let’s say Twitter.

Is there an option for linking an account to different platform sign ins?

FYI, I am not necessarily thinking this is a good function to have, just wanting to understand how it works.

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Accounts in Discourse are identified by e-mail address. So if your Twitter and Facebook accounts are registered with the same e-mail address, then Discourse will recognise them as the same account.


Another useful tidbit: if a user signs up with a social login and later decides they want to access the site via a local login (username/password), they can do so with a quick password reset. The social logins will continue to work, but they’ll also be able to use a password if they wish.