Are there any courses or training workshops set up for discourse?

(MAR) #1

Good Day ,

I was wondering if there are opportunities to be certified in discourse or learn how to program/set up discourse?

I have no programming experience. What would you suggest for someone wanting to better handle a discourse based online community?



(Mittineague) #2

Hi MAR welcome to the forum

About 20 years or more ago it was not uncommon for a “webmaster” to be a jack-of-all-trades. Things have changed a lot since then.

Technology has advanced so that now being an “expert” in any role is not an easy task (grossly understated). It is now more common to “specialize”.

For example,
a “system administrator” would be in charge of configuring and maintaining the server.
a “programmer” would work with code.
a “community manager” would have the responsibility of forum content and guidelines.

Even though being knowledgeable of other areas is a good thing, it is not necessarily true that any one person will have more than a cursory knowledge (if any at all) of areas outside of their area.

There are times when I think having a recognized certified / licensed thing would be a good thing that would help promote web development as a true profession.

Having a degree from an educational institution doesn’t hurt, but what most consider as web dev (let alone specifically Discourse) “credentials” are experience and real-life examples.

As admirable as it is that you are interested in learning it all, is there any one thing you’re most interested in?

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Hi Thanks for the reply,

I am the Community Manager of a Discourse based community and I wanted to learn a bit more about it and the architecture piece to see how it integrates with other programs.

I envision as the community grows, we may make tweeks to it and I would like to understand how it fits together.

Does that make sense?